Sprout Vox Box

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. In my latest vox box I received some earth and self friendly products (which if you know me these are my favorite kind of products and usually more expensive). Inside the box I got

  • Hair Food shampoo and conditioner sample
  • Oragin Protein shake powder sample (and a $5 off coupon)
  • ECOS laundry detergent sample
  • Eat Smart Garlic Hummus Tortilla chips full size bag
  • Curate Balsamic fig and hazelnut full size snack bar

I haven’t gotten a chance to try everything yet but the Eat Smart chips were honestly the last thing I wanted to try they sounded horrible. They ended up being amazing! I like them plain but I thought they were even better with some squeezy velveta cheese and some taco seasoned beef. Best healthy nachos ever. As far as the Curate bar ew, I tried one bite and I about threw up. The flavor sounded pretty awful but I’ll try anything. I thought hmm maybe I’ll have a couple friends try it to see if it’s just me. Nope, I had 4 other people try this and they all hated it. Some spit it out right away. It’s just not a good flavor combination, cause I really liked all the benefits but if I can’t stomach it I would never recommend it to someone or buy it.


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