week 7 journal 21

This is my last journal ever! It’s a little bitter-sweet. I’m kind of saddened to say I will no long be writing like I was. Hopefully I can continue to keep writing after the class. I’m going to try to make it part of my week duty like in class. Just to express how I’m feeling, vent. While also improving my writing skills. So many people tried to scare me away from taking an online English class. I’ve taken online classes before so I wasn’t worried until everyone else started chiming in. I actually am so glad I took it this way. I loved this class. It was really refreshing to see that it wasn’t as boring and hard as everyone said. I enjoyed class and my journals. Even my essays, I felt really strong about the topics I chose. It can be intimidating writing a 10 page paper to most people but I like it. I feel I do worse when there’s shorter papers. I can’t say everything I wanted to say or all the facts that I wanted to incorporate. All in all even though it’s summer and this is school I made a great choice. I love school and summer classes were nearly as bad as everyone makes them out to be.


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