week 6 journal 17

I found a new series on Netflix called Arrow. It’s quickly became one of my new favorites. There’s only 2 seasons on Netflix, but altogether so far there’s 3 and a fourth renewed that’s set to premiere in the fall. It’s based on a Marvel comic. So there’s this guy. His name is Oliver, he went on a boat ride with his dad and girlfriends sister. Unfortunately the boat sunk, in whats thought to be an accident. His mother actually set the whole thing up. Anyways he gets lost on an island for 5 years. Having to change his lifestyle from billionaire to survival mode. When he returns he vows to take down the list his father asked him to. People who are trying to destroy the city for money.  Every super hero has something they’re known for. Olivers is his bow and arrow skills. He also wears a hood so they nicknamed him, the hood. People see him as a hero for helping with crime. The cops however see him as a criminal. In the war against bad guys, the hood stands alone, or so it may seem. Even though he’s the fore front, he has a team. Felicity, a young blonde girl from who graduated from MIT. She’s the brain behind the operation. She handles everything on the computer. From tracking, to lab samples, and more. John Diggie is their other brawn. In case Arrow can’t do the job alone his side kick isn’t too far behind.


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