week 6 journal 16

Started off my morning right with sleeping in. Cut up fresh organic strawberries, put them in a bowl with organic raspberries and blueberries. My breakfast is usually coffee and fruit. Natures candy is the best candy. The plan for the day is finish my homework, practice the new song I chose for guitar, yoga, and if I have time take my babies for a walk. I’m really excited for next week because I have orientation for CMU Wednesday. I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life. Hopefully with hard work and determination I can become someone people recognize. I’m tired of people acting like I’m invisible. I went to a mens league hockey game last night. The team I went for lost the championship unfortunately. While the game was going on people kept almost hitting me getting so close acting like they didn’t even notice I was there. Someone hit me with a door, no apology. One guy even stood directly in front of me blocking my view when there was barely anyone at the game, maybe 5 people. Like Gee thank you for picking thee worst spot jack ass.


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