week 5 journal 13

I had a good day. I got an oil change and my tires rotated. My baby is a 2014 navy Jeep Patriot. So while me and my mom waited, we decided to check out the Midland Mall since it’s so close to Feeny. Victoria Secret was having their Semi Annual sale so it was hectic. So many clothes, so many people. Rude too, nobody has manners I swear. Other than that everything else has gone great. I got to spend time with my mom, we went shopping, and got good sales. What’s better than that? I got two new swim suit tops, one white, one black. A new makeup bag and sweatpants as well. Great prices. After we left the mall and picked up my ride we decided to get lunch. Of course we picked Culvers. They have thee best burgers and custard on the planet. The flavor of the day was turtle and cookies n’ cream, had to scoop some of that up. We also got a walk in and I had time to work out. I feel refreshed. Then I got to spend time with my friends and eat tacos.I’d say that’s a win. Put in time for homework as usual. Played with the puppies and watched my new show. Now I’m here and ready for bed. Probably going to have to get a bowl of ice-cream first.


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