week 4 journal 12


Netflix, the one of many great creations of this generation. Binging Hawaii 5-O is an all day activity today. The episode I’m currently watching is all about one of the main characters Chin. He was investigating his father’s murder, trying to identify what really happened in the past. The flashbacks of his fathers funeral shows a different side of yet another main character Kono, or Chin’s cousin. She used to be a great surfer before a knee injury which made her change career paths. Their family all went into police force. In the flashbacks he tells police he thinks his brother-in-law is the one who murdered his father. They thought it was suspicious that Kono didn’t know anything about Gabriel being involved. Back in the time they’re really in, Chin’s boss Steve got interrogated about Chin covering it up. As well as Chin being interrogated. When Chin finally caught Gabriel in a chase he tells him that he killed his father because “he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”.  Gabriel was robbing a convince store and Chins father recognized him so he killed him. After he tells him that they get into a fight were it looks like Chin’s about to lose, but of course he makes a come back. Even though he got bribed to let him go he arrested him. The people interrogating Chin think that he has the money since it was never recovered but he doesn’t. In the end of the episode Chin’s on the beach surfing when he meets a pretty girl, his wife.


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