week 4 journal 11

Today I went for a walk with my dogs, mom, and nephew. We wondered for about an hour. It’s nice out, it was 70 but not too sunny so it was cooler. Every couple blocks Wilson needs an abundance of water, he pushes himself so hard because he loves going on walks. Outside in general is my dogs favorite place to be. He would be there all day if he could, which he usually does.

After I finish my homework I’m going to pick up my friend. Were going to catch up on one of our new television series, we just started watching. Hopefully enjoy the outdoors, maybe hit the driving range like I did the other day. I was surprised at how far my balls were going. I have a better swing than I thought that I did.

My other friend lives in Detroit and wants me to take a trip to Canada with her soon. I finally got reunited with her the other week over sushi in Greek Town it was amazing. I love the vintage look of all the buildings in Detroit. I need to get an enhanced license but I think it will be a blast if I do. I’ve never been to Canada so I’d be a first. While I’m on the talk of licenses I need to get my fishing one soon so I can go catch some fish!


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