week 3 journal 9

I can’t believe it’s already a month into summer. It’s going by way too fast. There’s so many places I want to go this summer! Between homework, helping my mom with projects, and trying to help my sister by babysitting, I barely have time left. So to make sure I finish half of them I’m going to write down a list of all the places I want to do before I go back fulltime to school in the fall.

  • take a road trip to Cedar Point
  • check out a Sky Zone (it’s a warehouse full of trampolines)
  • go to a water park
  • have a camping trip
  • tubing trip down Rifle River
  • get all you can eat sushi downtown
  • make time to go to a local fair (get a corn dog and elephant ear)
  • attend a concert
  • ride on the People Mover in Detroit
  • take my niece on a picnic at the park
  • roller blade down by the Saginaw River

IMG_5218 bilde cedar+point1IMG_4944


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