week 3 journal 7

My mom doesn’t hear me. She listens half the time but she doesn’t hear me. I want her to communicate with me more but she’s so into her phone. When she actually does listen she usually won’t even respond most of the time. Sometimes I wonder if I’m talking to myself! I love my mom and can tell her anything, but I can’t get her to care about what I’m saying. I’ve been stressing out about transferring to CMU and she doesn’t care. I wish I could say it doesn’t bother me but to an extent it does. There’s all these questions and things I’ve been trying to get ready for, I’d love it if she was more of a help. It’s like she doesn’t want to give me the time of day now that she knows I’m accepted and that I’m actually leaving. I want someone in my life to be excited I’m starting something new that I’m happy about it, even if it’s not from my mom. My boyfriend, even my friends seem bitter about it. Maybe that’s why it would mean so much to me if it was her.

On a lighter note I really like this new series I started watching on Netflix its called Between. Premired last thursday. It’s about a town that gets a spontaneous out break of deaths, anyone over the age of 22. It really peaked my interest because I knew so many of the actors. Also it reminded me of another show I really enjoy Under the Dome. They both are basically quarantined off from the rest of the world. I can’t wait for that to come back in a couple of weeks.

Oh and I fixed my financial aid, got an email about a voiceover, and sent in my tuition to CMU so I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now.


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