week 2 journal 6

I have two boy dogs, they’re dachshunds. One is short-haired and has a dappled coat (light brown, dark brown, and beige spots) his name is Wilson. The other is long-haired mostly chestnut with a little lighter brown, his name is Chandler. They are my world. They wake me up with kisses, when I come home from school so much love, even when I go to the bathroom they attack me. They remind me so much of yin and yang. One loves kisses and snuggling, the other more conservative. One loves to dig and be outside, the other loves being indoors and playing catch. One acts like a baby and wants to be held like one, the other is an old soul. Being around each other has softened their personalities. Wilson will actually give you kisses now since he sees Chandler give everyone 1,000. Chandler has learned to calm down and not be so hyper like his serene brother. They remind me of the balance I need in my life. I’m so lucky to be blessed with such different but amazing pups.


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