week 2 journal 4

Music is the best thing in my life. It can cheer me up, make me feel like someone relates to me when I’m sad/mad, and more. I can’t say I have a favorite genre, I like a wide range of songs and artists. When I really like a song I’ll play it over and over again. Replay is my best friend. You can listen to music anywhere. I think that’s a reason it so important to me. No matter where I am in life I can listen to a song and it can change my mood. Music is something that I’ve always had in my life. From a young age I clung to music as an outlet. I’ve played alto saxophone, violin, and now currently the guitar. I love playing 45 Seconds by Rihanna and Kayne on guitar and singing along. There’s something so enchanting to me about how a beat and lyrics can take you to a different place. Three songs that really blew me away with their lyrics are A Little More by MGK, One Man Can Change The World by Big Sean, and Words I Never Said by Lupe Fiasco. They aren’t your usual perception of rap, for that I appreciate their rawness and views of the world.


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