week 1 journal 3

My life feels like it’s always crumbling. Like when you’re digging a hole, step too closely to it, and the dirt collapses onto itself. I want to dig to find the burried treasure of a great life but fall short. I try to make everyone happy but some how I can never catch up. There’s always someone I end up having to chase after, going the extra mile for. When I finally feel like I’ve made someone happy, there’s someone waiting for something else. Sometimes I just want a break from being a nice person. I love helping people and making them smile, but should you put yourself on the back burner in order to accomplish that? That’s how I feel sometimes. It’d be nice if for one week instead of me trying to please everyone else, that just one person would do the same for me.  On a brighter side, I had a bacon doughnut today and it was heavenly. Oh and tonight it happens to be very hot and I am really wishing my air conditioner wasn’t broken tonight!


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