Pep vox box

I received these complimentary for testing purposes. I’m the box I got Deli Snackers from Land of Frost they have 6 different flavors I chose roasted chicken and it was delicious. A little smaller than I imagined but perfect for on the go. Max Factor eye liner and mascara , the mascara stays on long and looks great. The eye liner is perfect for beginners since it’s harder to apply the liner it makes it easier to make a perfect line or go back in for spots you missed without the liner going everywhere. Shine gel nail polish in hot pink, not my color didn’t really like the shade but everything else was good. Doesn’t chip easily. Simple wipes were perfect for my sensitive skin, but really moist drip water as using. The coffee and face mask I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

I love Influenster it’s so wonderful and helps everyone know the pros and cons of items before they purchase.


Sprout Vox Box

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. In my latest vox box I received some earth and self friendly products (which if you know me these are my favorite kind of products and usually more expensive). Inside the box I got

  • Hair Food shampoo and conditioner sample
  • Oragin Protein shake powder sample (and a $5 off coupon)
  • ECOS laundry detergent sample
  • Eat Smart Garlic Hummus Tortilla chips full size bag
  • Curate Balsamic fig and hazelnut full size snack bar

I haven’t gotten a chance to try everything yet but the Eat Smart chips were honestly the last thing I wanted to try they sounded horrible. They ended up being amazing! I like them plain but I thought they were even better with some squeezy velveta cheese and some taco seasoned beef. Best healthy nachos ever. As far as the Curate bar ew, I tried one bite and I about threw up. The flavor sounded pretty awful but I’ll try anything. I thought hmm maybe I’ll have a couple friends try it to see if it’s just me. Nope, I had 4 other people try this and they all hated it. Some spit it out right away. It’s just not a good flavor combination, cause I really liked all the benefits but if I can’t stomach it I would never recommend it to someone or buy it.


I absolutely adore this app! I use it all the time. You rate products or shows you’ve used or watched. You explain why you liked or didn’t like it. It super easy you can even scan the barcode instead of searching for a product. Only after a month of using the app I got a survey and from there I was selected to receive a voxbox. Inside I got a full size bag of Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish dog food. It was amazing, it even came with a coupon in case my boys really liked it. All you have to do once you receive the box is what you already do with things you buy any way, post them on social media, give your opinions. Simple as that. All the social media they have you use is 100% free. On top of rating products you can ask questions or search products to read reviews yourself to see if you’d like to buy something.  I would and have recommend this app to family and friends. My dogs are super picky so at first it was a challenge to get them to eat the food. After a couple weeks of mixing with their old food they really started to like it. I was super shocked, but really happy because all the health benefits really made this product stand out I loved it before I even gave it to my puppies.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

week 7 journal 21

This is my last journal ever! It’s a little bitter-sweet. I’m kind of saddened to say I will no long be writing like I was. Hopefully I can continue to keep writing after the class. I’m going to try to make it part of my week duty like in class. Just to express how I’m feeling, vent. While also improving my writing skills. So many people tried to scare me away from taking an online English class. I’ve taken online classes before so I wasn’t worried until everyone else started chiming in. I actually am so glad I took it this way. I loved this class. It was really refreshing to see that it wasn’t as boring and hard as everyone said. I enjoyed class and my journals. Even my essays, I felt really strong about the topics I chose. It can be intimidating writing a 10 page paper to most people but I like it. I feel I do worse when there’s shorter papers. I can’t say everything I wanted to say or all the facts that I wanted to incorporate. All in all even though it’s summer and this is school I made a great choice. I love school and summer classes were nearly as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

week 7 journal 20

I had such a long day. Today marks the day of a new future for me. I had orientation at Central Michigan University. I was so nervous at first but it was a good time. orientation started out in groups of transfer, freshman etc. Then they grouped us into college division majors. I got a school I.D. and a free smoothie, free lunch voucher. It was really informative and they gave us so many helpful guides. I can’t wait to begin my new journey. It feels like just yesterday when I didn’t even know if I was going to graduate high school. Now I’m going to a 4 year college and I couldn’t be happier. I have looked over the guide 100 times it’s already helped me out immensely. I feel like a kid in the toy store. I have a passion for learning. Hopefully I pursue all my dreams and graduate with an exceptional GPA. I want to make my mom proud, she got her bachelors when every said she couldn’t. She’s my biggest supporter. My dad thinks college is a waste of money, but I see it as an abundance of resources and information to help further my career. Oh and there’s a Starbucks in one of the buildings on Campus, what’s better than that? Well maybe Popeye’s, it’s going to be a frequent lunch spot now that I actually go past one in Mount Pleasant. Fire up chips here I come! Actually bed here I come, I’ve been up since 6 AM and my body hates me for it. It’s saying “Crystal, LAY DOWN I NEED TO RELAX!” Putting on the pajamas and hitting the hay because I’m way too sleepy right now. Goodnight Journal, the last week is quickly approaching its end.

week 7 journal 19

I’m so tired. I feel like I could sleep all day. Even though I slept in and got what should be a good amount of sleep, here I am still half wake. At any second I feel like I could just go into a nice little slumber. I really need a coffee today to get me going. I had so much planned for today and all I can think about is laying in bed. it’s so damn comfortable it’s not fair. I really need to get a capo for my guitar it’s driving me crazy having to use my finger across all the strings while trying to get my other fingers to go in the right place. It’s nearly impossible, takes a lot of practice. It hurts for a while so I need a capo to fix the problem. It’s like a giant clip that takes place of my finger across all the strings so I can focus on the rest of the notes I’m playing. So I guess I’m going to grab my coffee, maybe eat some frosted flakes. Then maybe I’ll be able to kick todays ass. I really want to get stuff done today. It feels like summer is just flying by, passing me by. I need to make the most of it because before I know it, it’ll be over and gone. So my goal is to do so much I can’t help but feel accomplished.